"Before I became a mutant -- before I learned I was a mutant -- I never even knew there was a difference between human and mutant! I thought the idea of somebody hating somebody else for NO GOOD REASON was stupid! Is this all ya can DO, Bastion -- is this what the BIG FIGHT is ABOUT? Humans 'right' to PUNISH -- to TORTURE - TO HATE?! Is that what you're fighting for?! If it is...ya can keep yer stinkin' 'humanity'!"
—Jubilee, Generation X Vol 1 27 (Comic)


Head: Ceylon 4.0 by Lelutka *Updated*
Body: Reborn by eBody
Arima Hair by Monso

Jubilla Outfit + Accessories by Una 

Gum for Pics by MUSCHI

Pose: Arcane 6 by Poseidon