The Archanist

 “Witches do not need to fix problems.
Witches fix the energy AROUND problems.
Then the problems fix themselves.”

― Dacha Avelin



Wizarding Faire Items: *NEW*
Potteriana Halo by ERSCH
Botani Potion Craft Set by Attic
Magic Bottle Lights by no beans!
Lunar Phase Windows by Static
The Hare Wand by Piper & Rue
Nixy The Pixie by Apika
Apprentice Specs by Unicult
The Archanist Tattoo by Effervescence
Arcadia Candles by Sacrilege

Everything Else:

Body: Reborn + Juicy Boobs by eBody
Outfit: Morden Set by Valentine @ The Magical Fair *NEW*
Hair + Hat: Salem by Magika
Candle hand pose comes with the item from sacrilege. Rest of the pose made using Black Dragon