No Tresspassing

 Apocalypse has come and gone. We're just grubbing in the ashes.
~ Samuel R. Delany



Featuring the following items by Death Row Designs:
Urban Forge Sauna + Towel Barrel
Post Apoc Camp Firebarrel

Bloody Queen Set: Dress, Cloak, Mask by Art&KO @ Enchantment *NEW*

Everything Else:
Body: Reborn by eBody
Blood For Body And Head by Mister Razzor
Babydoll Hairstyle + HUDs by Babe x Mowdols @ Dream Day *NEW*

M870 4 TASK Shotgun v2.01 BLACK + Kashou Pose by [SAC]

Zombie Tape + Bloody Mess-Bloody Pile by Love Superstore

Imperial Doberman Animesh V2.1 by Rezz Room