Page of Coins

The Page of Pentacles/Coins in tarot is often associated with aspects like practicality, diligence, and a focused approach to learning or work. The Page of Pentacles can represent the start of a new project, job, or phase in life that requires dedication and a down-to-earth approach and is often linked to the pursuit of knowledge, education, or skill development. This card suggests a willingness to learn and a practical application of what is learned. This page thrives on curiosity and the excitement that comes with new discoveries. It can also represent material manifestation with hard word, responsibility, and caution with finances.




Heritage Nook Collection by DRD - Death Row Designs @ Equal10 *NEW*
Includes Armchair, Stove, Sidetable and Rug with PBR options included.

Everything Else:

Head: Sofia by Akeruka
Body: Reborn by eBody
Olive Hair by NI.JU

Outfit + Stockings: Lois by Web Dew
Hat: Victorian Feelings - Beige by Noble Creations
"Praestes" Half-moon Glasses by Vae Victis

Pose made using Black Dragon

Library of Portals Backdrop by Synnergy.Tavis