No Fear

 It’s OK to be scared, it means you are about to do something really brave.



Head: Raven by Lelutka
Body: Reborn by eBody
Soft Thighs by Maze.Mods
Skin: Vesper (Dracula) by Vellum
Natural Brows by Belantti
Spooky Eyeshadow by Maena
The Fight Shine + Tattoo by This Is Wrong

Outfit: Claudia by Atame
Esme Hair by Bonbon
Aries Tattoo + Sorah Stockings by Emotional Circus
Demonic Lantern by Salem's Lot (Comes with hold pose + animations)
Heels: Mademoiselle by Azoury

Gloves by LeMotiv

Basket by Cureless

Winter Wolf Pack 2 by Jinx
Wolf (Brown) by Jian

Pose: 5 Reasons by Loel