The Investigation Continues . . .

 Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game.
~ Blake Edwards



Midnight Order Items: *NEW*
Coat Hanger by Dirty Rat
Book  - Corrupted Thoughts + Celtic Magnifying Glass by [CABALPIER] - Comes with hold poses for both female and male sized avatars
Captured heart piercing by Insomnia Angel
Umbra Heels by Evil Baby

Fireplace by Eclectica

Dieselpunk Coils/ Photo Booth by [THE ESCHATON]

Everything Else:
Body: Reborn by eBody
Gauged Ears XL by Swallow
MILF Hairstyle by Nonnative
Candida Outfit by Atame

Countess Chaise (PG) by LORE
Hibernating Time - Stack of Books by C L A Vv.
[Clio] Stack of Books by Sway's