9 of Coins - The Walled Garden

 The Nine of Pentacles in tarot represents a moment of accomplishment, self-sufficiency, and material well-being. This card signifies the fruits of one's labor and the attainment of financial stability. It suggests a period of enjoying the luxuries and comforts that diligent work has brought about. The card encourages self-reliance, independence, and a sense of refinement. It may also point to a time of solitude and contemplation, where an individual can savor their achievements and appreciate the abundance that surrounds them.


Midnight Order Items: *NEW*
Feathered Familiar by Quills & Curiosities
Lycidas Armor Style 02 (Blue) Materials Tattoo by Nefekalum
Aftra Bracers by Drunken Brokkr
The Fury Helm by Cubic Cherry
Stella Trousers by REBIS
Sixty Two Hair by +ZAO+

Everything Else:
Body; Reborn by eBody
Dominus Top by Valentine @ Sabbath *NEW*

forget. Swallow [nightblue] (Old gacha) by Anc
Indira Bird Cage by MADRAS

Pose made using Black Dragon