Five of Cups - Don't Be Afraid of Loss

 Meaning: disappointment, loss, regret, sorrow, moving on, setbacks, grief, too much focus on the past, unrealistic expectations

The Five of Cups in a reading usually shows a need to acknowledge the disappointment or sorrow in your life but also emphasizes the importance of acceptance, learning from the experience, and seeking ways to move forward. It encourages a shift in perspective to recognize the opportunities that still exist rather than dwelling solely on past disappointments. This card serves as a reminder to not let setbacks overshadow future potential and to find ways to overcome grief or disappointment.


The holidays can be a hard time of year for many. Some are forced to face problematic family issues or be reminded of a past that has led to current disappointments. I felt the 5 of cups was a great card to illustrate the Xmas time of year for many.


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Winter Blues - Five Of Cups 


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