“We designate the spirit of the well as 'she' because in most of her personifications she takes a female form, though not invariably. She appears in many guises - ghost, witch, saint, mermaid, fairy, and sometimes in animal form, often as a sacred fish - and her presence permeates well lore, and indeed water lore generally.”
― Colin Bord



Enchantment: Sirens Song Items: *NEW*
Anemona Outfit + Crown by Les Encantades
Current (Horns + Materials Tattoo) by Nefekalum
Siren Eyes + Lips by Rubedo
Tlaloc-God of Water  Eyes by Lovelysweet
Merfolk Hut by LORE

Everything Else:
Head: Lilith by Lelutka
Body: Reborn by eBody
Alla Skin (Brownie) by Pumec

The Snow Queen Hair (Old Gacha) by Olive Hair
Valkyrus Halberd (Spear) by Petrichor
M07 Bento Nails Poison by LeForme

Orchid Guppies by Anc