One Persons Junk Is Anothers Treasure.

 I’m alone in this wasteland
Blood and sand
Head and hands
The broken pieces at my feet
When I am obsolete
~ Deadlife ft. Scandroid, Obsolete

 One Persons Junk Is Anothers Treasure



Featuring Items by Death Row Designs: *Mainstore*
Vintage Clutter - Milk container - rusted, Scale, Bottles of milk, Kitchenware, & Salt box - A
San Mora Set - Biohazard Trash - Pile - B, City Trash - Pile - C, Biohazard Trash - Dumpster

Cyber Fair Items: *NEW*
Tantrum Hairstyle by Ade
Bionic Arm by Wraith
X-Cyber leg L Reborn - PURPLE by This Is Wrong
Cygnus X-1 Gear Red (Torso) by KITZ'UNE
Vighna Boots by Promagic
Zylos Circuit Makeup by Hexed
Ayvlis Eyes by Landgraff
Futuristic Vending Machine - Purple by MURA Home

Everything Else:
Head: Zo by Lelutka
Body: Reborn by eBody
Retrocyber shine+tattoo 3D by This Is Wrong

Retro Portable TV // B + Wired Monitors by Nomad

Pose made in Black Dragon