Future Sight

 “When you actually know the question, the answer is every­where, and you can see it in anything you observe.”
― Lon Milo DuQuette


Future Sight



Chronicles & Legends Items: *NEW*
Macabre Seer Mask by En Pointe
Diviner's Drape and Cards by Nefekalum Tattoos
Zodiac Cards by Peekaboo
Oracle of Delphi (Temple) by Mesh Entity

Body: Reborn + Waifu Addon by eBody
+ Fantasy Bento B.O.M. Ears Pack I&II (No Earrings/ Group Gift) + by Aii
Olympus Tattoo (Materials Tattoo, not the body skin) by Nefekalum Tattoos
Rimon Braids by CAMO @ Sabbath *NEW*

Bodysuit: Varkos by Petrichor

Body Skin: Opera, Comedy (Limited Edition no longer sold) by Fallen Gods

Pose: Muse by Pixit

Spirit Flames by Papermoon