"To become a monster like me, is to admit you were too weak to remain a human."

-Alucard (Hellsing, Anime/Manga) 



Midnight Order Items: *NEW*

Eternal Veil Backdrop by K&S

The Agma (Head) + Les Ficelles Macabres (Teeth Drool/Detail) by CRYPTID

Night Coat by Hotdog

#135 Hair by Ginko Hair

Everything Else:

Body: Legacy by Meshbody

Demonic Touch (Claws) by Aii & Ego

The Witch Hunter Hat by BONDI

Gun: Hellsing ARM 454 Casull by Lion Spirit

Enigma Glasses Silver by Minimal

Paper Bats by Paper Moon

Pose: 974-Male Holding Gun 3 Pose by ACT5