The Ones

 Do you ever wonder what the tooth fairy does with the teeth they have taken?

"Would you believe me if I told the reasons why 

You can't rest, and drink yourself to sleep at night?

Not like it matters, you can't escape, don't even try

We speak what no one knows

You lie awake and you hope it's all in your head

You're counting teeth with your tongue, are they all there?

There's no relief in the dark from what isn't there

But you don't feel alone"

~The Ones, Aesthetic Perfection

The Ones


Midnight Order  Items: *NEW* Opens July 20th. 

Tooth Fairy Companions by Apika

Splendid Luminescence Floor by En Pointe

Palm Brazier - Ceiling Medium & Tall by Candle & Cauldron

Everything Else:

Body: Legacy by Meshbody

Mandala Shine + Tattoo 3D by This is Wrong @ Tres Chic *NEW*

Outfit + Glasses: Wizard by Forest Fantasy Store (Includes both female and male versions)

Latte Hair by Bonbon @ Kustom9 *NEW*

Pose: Spellcaster P2 by Pixit