Herbology 101

 "Mandrake, or Mandragora, is a powerful restorative. It is used to return people who have been transfigured or cursed to their original state... The cry of the Mandrake is fatal to anyone who hears it."

~Hermione, Harry PotterHerbology 101


Wizarding Faire Items: *NEW*

Azucena Dress, Hat & Arms (Freebie) by Una

Mandrake Mischief - Max + Fatpack Decor by Aardvark

Little Mandrake Playful & Wizard by Yokai

Wizard Fungus by Disorderly

Everything Else:

Body: Reborn by eBody

Hair: Serenity by Bonbon *NEW*

Pose: Little Wiwi by NyaGore

Old Bookshelf with Vines by Attic

Cherry Leaves Flying by Kalopsia