What Lives Beneath

 Have you ever been to paradise? You have if you have ever been to the Isle of Aquarius.  Our lost city of lore has risen from the depths presenting the priceless relics of our once vibrant and thriving culture.  Now, below the waters, we live and breathe the sea never to return to bask in the sunlight on the Isle.  Enjoy our vast treasures inside the ruins but beware of what lies deep beneath . . . 

What Lives Beneath

"Still dripping with the life-giving waters of the sea, the stone and glass forged by the commanding currents of the merfolk are illuminated by the hypnotic lights of their Prana, or life-force. The bright, open structures that stood submerged for generations now magically float on top the waters surface, allowing the vibrant ocean life to merge with the air and allowing passage to the depths below for those who dare to explore." ~From the Fantasy Faire Website 


Photos Taken on the Isle of Aquarius Region @ The Fantasy Faire 2023

The Fantasy Faire Items: *NEW*

Runic (Texture for the Riptide Tail by Aii) by Mermade @ The Isle of Aquarius

*This is a limited edition texture and will NOT be sold after the faire so hurry and get yours before May 7th*

Echelon Tattoo + Materials by Nefekalum Tattoos @ Sialdor 

Everything Else:

Head: Holly ADVX by Akeruka

Body: Reborn by eBody

Riptide Mermaid Tail by Aii & Ego

Crystal Eyes by Repulse

Moon Fantasy Skin (Hag Tone) by Gloom

Sutora Eyebrows by Core & Gore

Eyeshadow Set #0019 . BOM by Opulein

Yukiona Hair by Ayashi

The Mermaid Bra by Safira

fish shop daughters/ SymbiosisFish (Red + White) + Bloom Orchid Guppy by Anc

Pose made in Black Dragon