The Winding Valley - The Strangest Isolation

"Through fog, wild ivy, and winding paths, a hidden entrance leads into a valley. Surrounded by high mountains you can see a village in the distance. Lamps shine brightly and chanting can be heard faintly on the wind. The paths to get there are lit with lanterns and fireflies scurry around the light.

But this village is cursed. The village was once in a battle between good and evil. Witches took over the power of the citizens. They fought fiercely to survive. When, after many years, neither good nor evil triumphed, the witches cursed the village and its citizens."

Meri tends to her farm as she prepares for the 21 days where The Winding Valley opens.  Visitors from all over the Fairelands come to seek out this magical town and it brings a lot of excitement!  This image catches Meri feeding her chickens right before the fog fades and the new arrivals.

The Strangest Isolation - The Winding Valley


Photo Taken at The Winding Valley Region @ The Fantasy Faire

The Fantasy Faire Items: *NEW*

Raichel Dress & Travel Leg Garter by Una @ The Winding Valley

Hair F227 by KMH @ Spirits' Crossing

Head: Raven by Lelutka

Body: Reborn by eBody

Chicken Collection by Jian

Pose with Bucket, Seed & Chickens - Buttercup Farm - Love is Many Things by Le Poppycock