Lucid - Dingir (FF)

"And the dreamers consumed the world with obsessive lucidity."

Lucid - Dingir

In another existence, just outside our own, is the forgotten city of Dingir. Its streamlined Art Deco architecture was once filled with bright colors and rich materials, meant to reflect the beginning of a new age of consciousness. Now muted and neglected, it lies somewhere between our dreams and reality.

Dingir was a crossroads between the human-bound Dreamers and the entities that would become humans. These creatures were known as “Those Who See and Observe”.

They entered Dreamers’ subconscious and helped guide them along their path. However, there were some Dreamers that became too strong and aware, which gave them the ability to reach through the barrier between worlds, causing chaos and irreparable damage to Dingir, and places like it.

~ Description found on Fantasy Faire Website


Photos taken on the Dingir Region by What's Lost Spirits @ The Fantasy Faire 2023

Fantasy Faire Items: *NEW* Region links below

Iemanja Metal (Dress) by Atame @ Isle of Aquarius 

Lunar Moth Wings by FAS @ Spirit's Crossing

Female Fantasy Skin - Aria - FROST by Moth & Moon @ Frostweald

Everything Else:

Head: Raven by Lelutka

Body: Reborn by eBody

Catliners EvoX by R.Bento

Viking Shine + Tattoo by This is Wrong @ The Warehouse Sale *NEW*

Kelly Hair by S.Club @ Access *NEW*

Pose: Suggestive Bento Pose by Foxcity