Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is associated with attributes such as clarity, objectivity, honesty, and wisdom. She is a powerful force for truth and justice, but can also be cold and detached, as she relies heavily on her intellect and logic to make decisions.

In a tarot reading, the Queen of Swords may indicate a need to approach a situation with the use of one's intelligence and analytical abilities to solve a problem. It may also suggest a need to be cautious and careful in one's communication with others, or to be honest and direct in one's dealings.



Head: Raven by Lelutka

Body: Reborn by eBody

Pixidust Lips & Moon Fae Eyeshadow by Celesticat

Arahna Eyebrows by Core & Gore

Goddess Shine Tattoo + 3D by This is Wrong 

Asha Hairstyle by Wasabi

Sofia Dress by Atame @ Reborn Event *NEW*

LUTHIEN_Crown by Avaway

Eloisa Earrings - Golds by e.marie

Blackfyre Sword by Old Treasures

Baby Dragon by Black Bantam

Pose made using Black Dragon