The Librarian

 Here is the artwork for my Steampunk/Aetherpunk version of The Magician tarot card.  This is the second Magician I have made.  The first uses an older image I made that seemed to fit a traditional Magician style much better.  This post is also a Midnight Order post as most of the items in this are from the event in SL.  Check out my Buy Me a Coffee if you want to have higher resolution/printable versions of the images, PSD workflows for some of my work and tarot borders, speed edits, and the finished tarot cards themselves for you to print.  I also have some freebies there as well.

The Magician tarot card symbolizes action, power, and skill. It often signifies that the querent has the tools and abilities necessary to manifest their desires and make things happen. The Magician can also indicate a need for creative thinking and communication skills to effectively utilize one's resources and bring forth change. Additionally, it can represent a person in the querent's life who possesses these traits, or a situation where they are being called upon to take control and be assertive.

The Librarian


Midnight Order Items: *NEW*

Library by Dirty Rat

Aetheric Lantern (Round) by Quills & Curiosities

Eden Dress by Ash

Eclipse Hair by Aii & Ego's HAIR HELL

Romance Plats by Skellybones

Everything Else:

Head: Andro ADVX by Akeruka

Body: Reborn by eBody

Soft Thighs by MAZE.Mods

Skin: Amano in Illa by Poppet

Heart RIP Stockings Mod for MAZE by Zen Child Designs

Pose w/ Book prop: Coven by Fashiowl

Book Magic Set: Magical Suitcase, Magical Potions, Magical Birdcage by Disorderly

Wizards Classroom - Desk/Empty by Death Row Designs

Book of Sorrows by Random Matter

Flying Paper by Kalopsia