She is Libra and holds the scales of Justice representing balance.  She holds a double-edged blade in her other hand symbolizing choice as justice can cut 2-ways.  Justice is impartial, nonjudgmental, and always objective in her decision.  It is time to compromise if she appears to you. Any legal issues will begin to fade, problems will resolve, and harmony will return to your life.  On the flip side, she may also represent a pause in your life until judgment is reached. It may also be time to work on bringing your life into balance. Once you do your goals will be even easier to achieve.



Body: Reborn by eBody

Flow Curls by Unorthodox

Kaya Dress, Collar, & Halo by Atame *Reborn Update*

Blinding Wrap by Clover

"Impera" Cosmic Greatsword by Vae Victis

Balance Scales by BluPrintz

Pose: Lady of Justice (slightly altered using Black Dragon) by Wicked J. Poses