WiseOak - Folk Of The Woods

 WiseOak is one of many Folk Of The Woods at the crossroads of the fae-lands.  He belongs to the ancient race of Ents who travel the borders of the lands meeting new travelers who share their beautiful, and sometimes frightening, stories.  Ents are keepers of these adventures and use them to chronicle the events that occur between the worlds of the mundane and magic.  As watchers, Ents listen to find traces of conflict to warn those in the realm of fae about danger as well as report the ongoing events of the other worlds.  

WiseOak - Folk Of The Woods


Outfit: Seasons Dryad by Forest Fantasy Store

Head: Quinn by Lelutka

Body: Legacy by MeshBody

Mistress Eyes Evil by The Stringer Mausoleum

Overgrowth Fungi by Soul Stone

Body Butterflies by Persefona

Overgrown Antique Chair - Violet Vines by FNY Designs

Forget Swallows by Anc

Tangleshimmer Treasures - Sittin Stumps by Roawenwood

Pose edited in Black Dragon