Winter Witch

 Some get snow blind

With the daylight

But then with the night

For once see clearly

~ Tori Amos, Snowblind

Winter Witch


Winter Wizarding Faire Items: *NEW*

Hat: Magic Winter by LuluB! 

TIP:  Hat lights edited inworld using Edit Menu/Edit Linked --> Texture --> Color + Full Bright/Glow

Charms & Spells Book {Open}, + Spellcaster Practice Wand by Static

Snowflake Spell Aura by Zen Child Designs

Waters of Memory by Hopscotch

Everything Else:

Body: Reborn by eBody

My Holy Stella Gown by Moon Amore @ Tannenbaum *NEW*

Elvish Necklace Onyx (Discounted item!!) by Les Encantades @ Enchantment

EldenTree Sitting Stone by Third Eye @ Enchantment *NEW*