High Priestess

 The High Priestess is a daughter of the moon and femininity.  She is intuition and inspiration.  She is filled with much wisdom and yet keeps it secret.  She secretly practices her craft and guards the gates of the unconscious with her heart.  She connects life to all things feminine.  She assists you with using your intuition to solve mysteries within your life by connecting your mind to the unconscious. She exists in two worlds at once. Her domain is all dreams, lunar cycles, psychic powers, and femininity and she will welcome you to access the secrets within.

The color blue represents the spirit, occult protection, authority, serenity, peace, introspection, intuition, and emotional states of being.

The color pink represents feminine energy, kindness, empathy, trust, and unconditional love.

The Ouija represents the occult. The secrets the High Priestess hides within her realm. 

The moons on the halo represent divine femininity.

The High Priestess


Head: Fleur by Lelutka

Body: Reborn by eBody

Skin: Malia Ebony by Heaux

+ Abyssal Flower Tattoo+ by Aii *NEW*

Girl Pop Baddie Claws by Gorgeous Doll

Hair: No_Devotion by No Match *NEW*

Oujalara Outfit & Kerrus Skulls (Incl. Hair Flower) by Petrichor

Heavenly Love Halo 01 - Gold by Emotional Circus @ Enchantment *NEW*

Emily Book by Tentacio

Pose: Keeping Me Alive by Luane's World

Book & Skull include hand poses