Troublesome Ghouls

 “We are perhaps the funniest shattered pieces of the ongoing cosmic explosion; and the biggest troublemakers!”

― Giannis Delimitsos

Troublesome Ghouls


Belleza Gen.X Event Items: *NEW*

Gen.X Classic Body by Belleza

Rye Sweatshirt by Valentine

Victoria Demin Shorts by Addams

The Guild Items: *NEW*

Crystal Pan Horns by Cerridwens Cauldron

Bash'em Kanabo (Bat) by Bunk.

Everything Else:

Head: Briannon by Lelutka

Helena Tears & Lipstick by Emotional Circus *NEW*

Andrea Hair by TOKIO

Free Pasties (Black) by Mad'

Platform Brit Boots Sticker Edt. Space Unrigged by Semller

Under the bridge (graffiti) Backdrop by Milk Motion