Thriller Night

 'Cause this is thriller

Thriller night

And no one's gonna save you

From the beast about to strike

You know it's thriller

Thriller night

You're fighting for your life

Inside a killer, thriller tonight, yeah

~ Michael Jackson

Boo-Sheet Thriller


Featuring: Sheetfaced Cart - Darkness + Pumpkin Spice by Death Row Designs @ Salem *NEW*

My Hallway decor - Walldecor, Bench, & Coatrack by Death Row Designs

Everything Else:

Body: Reborn by eBody

Hair: Twisted by TRUTH *NEW*

Shaniara Bodysuit (Comics) by Atame *Mainstore*

 The Shaniara is a sexy little collection of vibrant onesies that has an open backside and chest. Oh la la!!

80's Horror Movies (TV Set) by Dirty Rat @ The Guild *NEW*

Candy Corn Plushies by Dahlia @ TME Fall- o -Ween *NEW*

Teen Spirit - Wall Clutter Decor - Gold by Dahlia *Mainstore*

Scarlett Hotel - Ouija board hunt prize *Last years prize I am not sure if you can get this anymore . . . * by Death Row Designs