Other Worlds

The Key to this place Is a cold you know

The real dispelled

Into the world you know

Doubt, tasted, you fall in

Down you sink

Into her deep devour

She's still the key holder

And through this portal

She courts you now

~Azam Ali, In Other Worlds

Other Worlds


Necrotize Items: *NEW*

Hair 35 by Vanity Hair

Khaos Body Tattoo Poison by AERTH

Morgana Garter by KITZ'UNE

Breasthuggers by Lilithium

Xeno Tail Bloody by RS

Everything Else:

Head: Fleur by Lelutka

Body: Reborn by eBody

Mounds Addon by Soapberry + BORK

Soft Thighs Mod by MAZE.mods

LeLutka EvoX Skin - Mist tone - Adeline by Enfer Sombre @ Satan Inc.

Bracelets: SIlent by Mea Tenebra

Pose w/ Pets: Gozer by Black Cats Creations