Electric Web

Fun Fact: Spiders can sense and use the earth's electric field to not only launch themselves into the air but also to add a slight electrical charge to their webs to assist with catching prey and pollutants!!

 It's Science! Read more here.

Electric Web


Cyber Fair Items: *NEW*

Spider Queen - Dress ULTRARARE,, Spier Legs 1 & 2 RARE, Tire A #11, Waist Ornaments A,  Weapons RARE #03, & Wings A #18 by FenDuDu (Legacy Only)

Alien Skin (Ocean) by Gloom

Izu Hair by Usagi Society

Tunnel Backdrop by Dreamcatcher

Head: Fleur by Lelutka

Body: Reborn by eBody

Gem Spiderwebs by LOVE Superstore

I was able to get the dress to fit on my Reborn body using the HUD alphas and shrinking the chest to about 50.

Pose made in Black Dragon