The Golden Harp

 This is just the "clean" version of the image I made for Enchantment's Twisted Fairy Tales Hunt poster.  I always felt like the golden harp in Jack and the Beanstalk was kind of weird.  Not sure how twisted an enslaved harp is . . . probably pretty bad actually. LOL  Enjoy!

Enchantment Twisted Fairytales and the FREE Hunt open August 13th @ noon SLT!

The Golden Harp


Body: Legacy by Meshbody

Soft Thighs Addon by MAZE

Dress: Queen by Una

Bangs: Kazura A02 by Air

Hair: Jinx by Monso

Candy Platforms by Pure Poison

Nest w/ Speckled Eggs by Apple Fall (Tinted Gold)

Orchard Harvest Grapes by Nutmeg

For the pose, I used Black Dragon to make my avi fit around the front of the harp.

I'm sorry I forgot who made the rope garters. :(  The Pain blush is by 4AEM