The Fatal Bride

 "What's done is done."

― Nina Williams (The Fatal Bride), Tekken 7 (video game)

This image was tough because there is not one post-apocalyptic, tattered, destroyed wedding dress in SL that isn't "Corpse Bride" inspired. Nor is there any for Reborn and/or Juicy Boobs (too new I suppose).  There are absolutely ZERO garters that hold weapons. I have holsters from a small number that sit on the waist or chest and 1 garter (luckily for MAZE) that had bullets . . . I basically edited and positioned the weapons on the garter to look like Nina from Tekken 7. There are about 20 MAZE garters with sex toys on them and 1 with 4 tiny bullets. . . a bunch of the same template gem and rope garters . . . not one with a knife or grenade or weapon holster . . . 

DRD is having their semi-annual 50% off sale until August 10th!  Their new release is this gorgeous Wedding Set that is paired with a delicious wedding cake by Dahlia and Vines/Grass by HISA.  I cannot do something normal . . . I love DRD it challenges me sometimes so I made something fun!  The set is massive and could not be contained in one picture. Visit their store to see the reception decor, dance floor, banquet items, and more!  This is dedicated to my boyfriend who is an avid Nina Tekken player. I did my best now maybe one day someone in SL will have something inspired by this character or a post-apocalyptic wedding scenario! 

The Fatal Bride


The Wedding Collection - Aisle Chair, Ruins, Seating Sign, Reception Cart, Fairy Light Curtain, Juicebar, Blankets, Wedding Aisle Runner - Red, Reception Table - with decor, & Wedding Arch by Death Row Designs *NEW* 

During the DRD & HISA 50% off sale! This set is just so big I could not get it all in one photo. There are reception items, white and red versions of the runner, decorated and not decorated dining tables, color change HUD for the chairs, dance floor, and more!

Combine this with the gorgeous Floral Bouquet Grass & Floral Bouquet Vines by HISA (also pictured) for an amazing wedding extravaganza!

Everything Else:

Head: Fleur by Lelutka

Body: Reborn by eBody

Juicy Boobs Add-on by Reborn & Axolotl

Rory Skin in Icy + Lips Toner 5, Gloss 2, and Eye Makeup 1 BOM layers (included) by Glam Affair @ Uber *NEW*

Hair: P20 by barberyumyum

Lucienne Dress by Hilly Haalan *NEW*

Adore Gloves by Brior

BrideDreams/ Pure Veil / White (old gacha) by Moon Amore

Guns: M1911 HW Black/Gold by Silver Hawk

Handbomb by Miomi

M9SRDPose + M9 SWORD Pistol Thigh Holster v1.00 by SAC