“Like the moon

I have learned

to be beautiful

in darkness.”

― Collette O'Mahony



Midnight Order Items: *NEW*

Shattering Sun Halo Silver by [+Oblivis+]

Outfit: Underworld Set by Sixx

Mile a Minute Vines by FNY Designs @ The Liaison Collaborative *NEW*

Everything Else:

Head: Inez EvoX 3.1 by Lelutka

Body: Reborn by eBody

Juicy Boobs Addon by Reborn x Axolotl

Reborn HD Nipples by eBody 

Skin: Charisse - Chocolate  *Velour Tone by Heaux @ The Fifty *NEW*

Foxy Brows by DewyPLUSH

Venca Shine + Tattoo 3D by This is Wrong @ The Warehouse Sale *NEW*

Alori Hairstyle by Doux @ Equal10 *NEW*

Princess Tears Sunset by Axix

Yara Headpiece by Random Matter

Adira's Crown by Evil Baby

Nails Blood Women Nails by Maktub Store

Ssslay Piercing by Naja

Marble Septum by NoRush

Pose: Carly 3 by Imitation (find on the mp)