The Dark Arts

“The Dark Arts are many, varied, ever-changing, and eternal. Fighting them is like fighting a many-headed monster, which, each time a neck is severed, sprouts a head even fiercer and cleverer than before. You are fighting that which is unfixed, mutating, indestructible.”

— Severus Snape

The Dark Arts


 The Wizarding Faire Items: *NEW* Opens July 23rd

Wizards Classroom Set: Bookcase, Decorative cage & Teacher Desk + Wizarding Hunt - Potions & Orb by Death Row Designs

Lux (green fire) by LuluB!

The Serpent Wand by Piper & Rue

Wizarding Hunt Item - Serpente Choker by Candle & Cauldron

Vervain Lel Evo X in Sunkiss by Pity Party

Midnight Order Items: *NEW*

Dragon Wing Candle by Hextraordinary

"Seven" Dress by Deviousmind (Maitreya only but I am using the Legacy body deformer to fit)

Glass Butterfly - Gold by Rivendale

Everything Else:

Head: Ceylon by Lelutka

Body: Legacy Feminine by MeshBody

Disordered Hair 2 by Pink Hustler (Old gacha item)

Mage's den - wizard's desk by Death Row Designs *Mainstore*

Fly Magic Spells Paper by Mushilu

Pose made in Black Dragon.  The Lux comes with 4 hold pose options and the wand includes a bento hand pose for the right hand.