Fractured Fairytale

 Step into my fractured fairytale

It is magical but dark as well

But stars cannot shine without darkness

There lies beauty within darkness

Dream away with me

To a world of dark creation

Leave reality To my imagination


I'm back!  I have been on a couple weeks' break just to clean up inventory, refresh my brain, and get myself a plan on how to go forward with my art.  This image is an alternate version of the Enchantment: Twisted Fairytales poster that will be coming soon.  This image is my take on a beautiful dark Snow White art piece by Aramisdream.  I am featuring some new items coming to Midnight Order opening on July 20th.  Hope you enjoy this one!

Fractured Fairytales


Midnight Order Items: Opens July 20th *NEW*

Lestat Lamp by Candle & Cauldron

Clove Dress by Una

#84 Hair by Ginko Hair

Crystal Bunny Necklace by Blue Blood

Everything Else:

Body: Reborn by eBody

Bow Headband by STOIC

Pose made in Black Dragon

Velvet Enchanted Magic Mirror & Vanity by FINCA

Thorny Brambles by MoonSha

Decor - Hellebore [dark] by LODE

Halloween Bad Apple by Mesh Place