“You will always be a monster - there is no turning back from it. But what kind of monster you become is entirely up to you.”

― Julie Kagawa 



Midnight Order Items: *NEW*

Zarys (Dress & Gown) by Petrichor  & Ersch

Soul Harvester's Reliquary by Somnium

Cross B Earrings by BADa

Deadshine Resurrected Eyes by IKON

Lordhunter Crypt (Dark Catholic Mesh)* by Spires Society

Everything Else:

Head: Kaya by Lelutka (Lipstick is from HUD with opacity low)

Body: Reborn by eBody

Mounds (Add-on) by Soapberry + BORK

Skin: Vareni Blue - Fem - Kayaima (EvoX + BOM) by Petrichor *NEW*

Starstruck' Eyeliners LEL EVO by GoreGlam

Litany shine+tattoo 3D by This is Wrong for The Epiphany @ Mainstore  *NEW*

Please note this does not support Mounds. This tattoo/shine worked because the camera angle and the lighting bounced off the sides of the body. The chest also has very little of the tattoo on it versus the rest of the body where the shine and 3D tattoo are. So it is still very wearable with the addon inworld too.

Poppy Locs + Baby Hair Essentials BOM by CAMO @ Access *NEW* Baby Hairs @ Mainstore

Nightmariner's Lamp by Static

Pose: Pet-ty by Nya-Gore (Adjusted using Black Dragon)