Two's Company . . . Three's a Crowd

 "'Ooh, Ah.' That's How It Always Starts. But Then Later, There's Running And Screaming."

~Ian Malcom, Jurassic Park - The Lost World

Two's Company . . . Three's A Crowd


Death Row Designs Items: 

Elaine's Lunch set - Table & Chairs @ The Fifty *NEW*

Forest Picnic Collection - Fire, Wine Bucket, & Stool *Mainstore*

Crimescene - body *Mainstore*

Everything Else:

High Grass by MoonSha @ We Love Role-Play *NEW*

[GE]-Raptor {Animesh Statue} & Allosaurus Statue by Dawn Kingdoms

Dead Body - Violet (In Dino's Mouth) by Madpea

Scaffold Barrier by CELESTE

CarDestroy #2 by .::Magaka::.