Tinker - SL19B Freebie Fun with Extra Steam!

 “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

― Nikola Tesla

It's Second Life's 19th Birthday and the events have begun!  The theme is Steampunk which is one of my favorite genres.  I had to create a fun-themed picture featuring some of the neat free items I picked up while exploring the Shop and Hop.  

Check out the links below for a calendar of events and a complete list of direct store links to the shopping area.  SL19B Shop & Hop is even more significant than ever with 20 whole regions of SL creators, each with a freebie gift!  

- SL19B Destination Guide Category will have a list of Community Experiences, Events, and Shopping Regions: https://secondlife.com/destinations/sl19b

- SL19B Birthday Calendar will list all the events: https://second.life/birthdaycalendar

- SL19B Shop & Hop Blog Post with a complete list of all Merchants with direct SLurls: https://second.life/sl19bshophop

- SL19B main blog post with all info: https://second.life/sl19b

Tinker (with extra SL19B Steam!)


SL19B Freebie Gifts: *NEW* Direct Tp's to the Booths!

[Ginko Hair]GIFT Bob hair @ Tinseled

HERO -Hat steampunk-gold @ Gleaming

[NoRush] Marble Septum @ Snowflake

Petrichor - Chonkbirb @ Frosted

KUNGLERS - Anette necklace @ Halcyon

[ContraptioN] Wainwright's Toys: Springull @ Delphinium

[Lion Style] Steam Earring @ Lupine

[P3] - Mech Lady Bird @ Guilded

Cerridwen's Cauldron - Mythguard Crystal @ Golden

Schadenfreude Balloon Bulbs @ Guilded

Silver Stone's Works - SKULL RING @ Sugarplum

Atelier Burgundy . Steampunk Table Lamp GIFT @ Golden

MONOMANIA - Gentlewoman Outfit (I got this to fit on my Reborn using the Maitreya size and various deformers.) @ Frosted

Everything Else:

Head: Halle by Lelutka

Lelutka EvoX - Angie Skin (2.6) by Tres Beau

Esme Monocole by Rise Designs

Pose: Cartomancer P1 by Pixit

Apothecary Cabinet [Black], Precarious Plants - Bookstack, Precarious Plants - Devil's Snare, Mimbulous Mimbletonia, & Bubotuber by Random Matter

Arthriss Orbdecor [Natural] by Petrichor

Lilith's Elixirs - Love Potion // DECOR VERSION by Short Leash

Bundt Summer / Blueberry @ Food Court (NEW) & Handmade Soaps (Mainstore) by Disorderly

V8 Tribute Wall Decor (Gears on Table) by Velvet Whip (you can find it for sale at Shop & Hop)

What We Left  Backdrop by Pitaya