"The Jedi Cannot Help Who They Are. Their Compassion Leaves A Trail. The Jedi Code Is Like An Itch."

~ The Grand Inquisitor, Star Wars Rebels

 This set was taken using the fantastic "New Xantis" sim decor and landscaping by Death Row Designs. You can see this entire sim and purchase any part of it you want, or, all of it at the 2022 Scifi Con.

I am a wavering Star Wars fan.  I used to be "hardcore" but recent Disney works have made me on and off with my fandom.  I wanted to make an image of some of the best villains that have come under Disney Star Wars: the Inquisitors. They first appeared in Star Wars Rebels (an amazing show after season 1 IMO).  I am crossing my fingers "Obi-Wan" is actually good and not Boba "Not Mandalorian 2.5" Fett (but really it was Mando 2.5).  Maybe one day I'll take a picture of the Grand Inquisitor himself, but I will do this for now.  Enjoy!



Scifi Con Items: *NEW*

New Xantis Build Set: East X'antis Building by Death Row Designs @ New Xantis

*XO* - OOPs undress DARK-LADY V2 (outfit and saber) @ Cheeseburger

.:OBR:. - Rotting Evox 98 Tattoo

Head: Briannon by Lelutka

Hair: Ares by Adoness

Pose: Star Pose S2 Aura by Poseidon