Fantastical Treats

 “It’s impossible to make good food out of nothing! You can Summon it if you know where it is, you can transform it, you can increase the quantity if you’ve already got some--”


Fantastical Treats


Witchcraft & Wizardry Items: *NEW* Closes June 5th

**Bakery Set - Cinnamon Truckle - Dispenser & On Plate, Cloche Display Case, Crumpet Pudding Bread - Dispenser, Have a Great Day Sign, Dahlia - Bakery - Hootie Pastry - Dispenser & On Plate, Niffy Cream Puffs Dispenser & On Plate (edited to remove plate), Themguys Frosted Bread On Plate & Dispenser, Snake Pretzel Dispenser & On Plate, Bakery Signs (Niffy, Crumpet, Hootie, & Themguys) by Dahlia

**Vinda Hat by Kotte (75L item)

**Mini Wizard Trunk by Movement

**Katherine Shirt / Pants by Ilaya

Everything Else:

Head: Avalon by Lelutka

Hair: Addison by Magika @ The Fifty *NEW*

Strawberry Pies by Random Matter

Pose made in Black Dragon