Page of Wands

 The page or wands is usually a trigger for courage as you are about to make a new discovery or even a journey but conflicting messages within your mind discourage you from moving forward.

This page reminds you to boldly take the next step forward with your ideas full of confidence and without fear.  Think about the beginning of new projects, collaborations, jobs, discovery, and creative endeavors.  The page is fickle so making a move fast is best as you may discourage yourself from taking the necessary risks needed to succeed.

Page of Wands


The Engine Room: *NEW*

Aether Fusion Core by [+Oblivis+]

Hair F191 by KMH

Reveal Materals Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos

Kalavinka Wing (Butterfly) by ROZOREGALIA

Weron + Agera - Mark and Monocle by Core & Gore

Disorderly Items:

Cool Blooms - Books & Frames *NEW* Mainstore Exclusive

Expedition - Corkboard & Journals, Camera & Map 

Golden Age Set - Specimen Box [Yellow], Candles, Radio [Dark] by Random Matter @ The Arcade *NEW*

Everything Else:

Head: Milan by Lelutka @ The Skin Fair *NEW*

Body: Reborn by eBody

Kenzie Lashes by MICHAN @ The Skin Fair *NEW*

Ruya Hair (bangs) by Monso

Melanie Dress - G/DRAKO by Play Devil @ Access *NEW*

Scorpion Sting Wand by Artemisia

Pose: On the Ground by Loel