Hoodoo Magic

 Magic people, Voodoo people

The Voodoo, who do

What you don't dare do, people

~The Prodigy

Hoodoo Magic


Death Row Designs - Voodoo Shoppe SET - 

Bones Mobile, Store Display, Voodoo Queen Staff, Voodoo Wands, Nganga Cauldron - One, Nganga Cauldron - Two, Divider, & Spirit Lamp @ Mainstore

We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

Old World Lighting Set by Tirrany Designs

Ravaphone Eyepatch by Pendulum

Animated Gems by VALKIRIA

Albion Bookshelf by Sigil

Head: Halle by Lelutka

Body: Legacy by MeshBody

Pixie Gauged Ears + Earrings Pixie Gayged S01 by Swallow @ The Skin Fair *NEW*

Spell Shine by This is Wrong @ The Skin Fair *NEW*

Badu Dreads by CAMO @ Anthem *NEW*

Roxanne Top & Shorts by Dreamcatcher

Pose made in Black Dragon