Temple Gateways

 The Soul is the Gateway to Heaven within you.

~ Choa Kok Sui

Temple Gateways


Enchantment Items: *NEW*

Full Service Tray // Oinochoe Version by Short Leash

Ancient Vessels by Old World

Ithaca Bath by Mesh Entity

Eden's Gate ( Cobblestone ) by 3rd Eye

Persephone Lipstick by Zibska

Everything Else:

Head: Briannon by Lelutka

Body: Reborn by eBody

"Aissa" in Mali by Velour

Oxytocin' Eyeshadow by GoreGlam

Anime Girl (Material Scars) by Nefekalum Tattoos @ Hentai Fair *NEW*

India F-Locs @ Access *NEW* and Baby Hair Essentials *MAINSTORE* by CAMO

Chandra Outfit by Luas @ The Fetish Fair *NEW*

Lilith's Elixirs - Boys' Tears by Short LeashHentai Fair *NEW*

Esmeralda Gypsy Queen - The Complete Collection - Nose Ring and Tikka by Maxi Gossamer