Exoteric Space Being

 This was a body

Now it's a home

For you my little alien

I feel you moving

It's oh so strange

Do you like the music?

And I'm a happy home

What's it like in there?

Yeah I'm a happy home

I hope it's cozy in there

~ Lamb, Alien

Exoteric Space Being


Midnight Order Event Items: *NEW*

{Themis} lanterns by Cubic Cherry

Raxlas Legs by The Deadboy

Lilith Horns by Static

Alien Mantis (outfit) by Black Cats Creations @ Tokyo Zero *NEW*

Alien Monkeys (Props from pose set) by Black Cats Creations

Head: Avalon by Lelutka

Skin: Lala Fantasy Green Alien by Heaux

Restless Tattoo + Shine by This is Wrong @ The Warehouse *NEW*

Sellah Dreads by CAMO @ Dream Day *NEW*

Daydream Nails by RAWR!

Pose made in Black Dragon