“Like a wise serpent shedding her skin, you are called to release whatever is no longer authentic or doesn’t serve your highest good. You are not the same person you were ten or even five years ago. Acknowledge your growth and movement.”

― Elizabeth Eiler



Hallow Manor Items: *NEW*

Serpent Headdress by Jinx

Ever Watching Eyes (Animesh) by -FAS-

Arwen Skin in Limestone by Nuve

Aurora Eyes by Sunniva

Halloween Archway by Simply Shelby

Everything Else:

Head: Gaia by Lelutka @ Equal10 *NEW*

Sophie Hairstyle by Doux

Lamia Tail @ Mainstore & Autumn Skins for Lamia/Naga @ Fallen Gods Anniversary by Jinx *NEW*

Primary Materials Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos @ The Dark Style Fair *NEW*

Scale Cover by Clover

Skull with tentacles by Antaya @ Chronicles & Legends *NEW*

Naga basicBelt **BANDED EPIDOTE** by Deviousmind