Panacea For A Heart of Stone


In the clutches of the serpent struggling to breathe

The drone of darkness plays the hymn of the serpentine

I felt the life escape my body and my soul upon the neck of my innocence watch it hang by the gallows slow

Trapped in her stare Medusa

Turning my heart into stone

My cross to bear Medusa

Turn away from her face

with a touch and a whisper, she'll lay you to waste

She slithers and gives herself to the forbidden one

So cold the grip of betrayal I've become undone

~ Medusa by Times of Grace

Panacea For A Heart of Stone


Necrotize Items: *NEW*

Athena's Curse - Gorgon Hair by Artemesia

Coraline Crown w/ Veil by Aleutia

Python Shine + Tattoo by This Is Wrong

Serrated Tail by Ambix

Head: Avalon by Lelutka

Body: Reborn by eBody

I'm So Goth Eyeshadow & Mystify HD Lipstick by Shiny Stuffs @ The Liaison Collaborative *NEW*

Demon Eyes by Izzie's

Katniss Outfit by Luas @ The Fantasy Room *NEW*

Potion Bottle A Dragon's Blood by ATTIC @ Panic of Pumpkin *NEW*

Pose edited in Black Dragon

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