Caution . . . Keep Out

 Someone take these dreams away

That point me to another day

A duel of personalities

That stretch all true realities

That keep calling me

They keep calling me

Keep on calling me

They keep calling me

Where figures from the past stand tall

And mocking voices ring the halls

Imperialistic house of prayer

Conquistadors who took their share

That keep calling me

They keep calling me

~ Nine Inch Nails, Dead Souls

Caution . . .Keep Out


Hallow Manor  Items: *NEW*

Mano - Hair Accessory (Exclusive) & Lucette in Distress - vintage mannequin (HUNT Item) by Bliensen + MaiTai

The Void (Chest Hole + Blood) by This is Wrong

Luna Lovers Chair (Exclusive) & Red Rugs (HUNT Item) by Dreamland Designs

Forgotten Luggage by Death Row Designs (FREE @ SL Shop & Hop!!!) Will match the new hotel that is coming very very soon!

Mystery Mansion 2 Tito's pile of junk & Mystery Mansion 3 Broken Lamp A by Death Row Designs (Mainstore/Old gacha)

Crime Scene Gown (Fits Legacy + Ebody Reborn!) by Moon Amore @ Collabor88 *NEW*

Warning Tape (Set of 6 caution tape designs) by Fallen New York (FNY)

Pose: Ballet Dancer 2 by Black Cats Creations

Hair Yasmine  - GIFT by Sintiklia @ Halloween SL Shop & Hop *NEW*

Hatsuhone Skeleton - Holy Pack by Ghoul

Body: Legacy by Meshbody

Body Bags by Papermoon