I've Landed

 Hello hello brave new world

It feels so good to be here

The earth looks very beautiful

Spinning in her atmosphere

I've cut the lifeline and I don't mind

I've cut the lifeline and I feel fine

I've landed I've landed

Nothing broken or bruised

Nothing left I can't lose

This time everything's fine


The earth looks very delicate

A blue green jewel in a star crust bowl of inky black

Until my planet wants me back

I've cut the lifeline and I don't mind

I've cut the lifeline for good this time

I've landed I've landed

~A Guy Called Gerald, Ft. Wendy Page, Landed

I've Landed


Cyber Fair Items: *NEW* Opening September 1st

Case Dreads by CAMO

Skin: "Project Alien" Ipanema Body by Velour

Planets Animated Tattoo - Mercury by This is Wrong

Klaw by SEKA

Light Emitter - Type-A by LINKRAVE

Everything Else:

Melissa Armor by Atame @ The Inithium Event *NEW* More sizes are coming!!

Splendor Collar by Short Leash @ The Warehouse Sales Event *NEW*

Hunter Spells (Symbols) by Clover @ Enchantment *NEW*

This is the Spell HUD worn. The symbols each have their own unique spell to cast with animations. For photo purposes, they are not easy to photograph so go to Enchantment and try a demo!!

Head: Avalon by Lelutka

Body: Kupra HD by Inithium

Shine: Ninfa 10 (gacha) by This is Wrong

Momo Brows Evo X by Nyaru

Wasp Antennae by HARO

Pose with Orbs: Priestess 5 by Poseidon