You're an ocean of a girl

Surrounding a world with a blackening tide

You know that the coming storm is going to be a crazy ride

With your alters made of bones

The aftermath of disposable wings

You know you were born for more than what machines provide, machines provide

I would write you a song that sounds like

A faded photograph of your favorite night

Just a little something to remember me by

You could sing along if you like it enough

Play it on your phonograph sounds kind of rough

Just a little something to remember me by

~Lynx ft. Beats Antique

Rising Tide



Hippocamputar (tail) and Body Scales by Jinx @ The Crystal Heart Festival *NEW*

Fifty Linden Friday Birthday Bash:

Plant Shell Lamps by Anc *NEW*

Sua Earrings (Free Gift) by Random Matter

Jellyfish Lamp by FINCA @ Enchantment *NEW*


Head: Avalon 3.1 by Lelutka

Body: Kupra kups by Inithium

Hope Skin in Mocha by Nuve

Hair: Mai by Argrace

Starfish by #Schoen (Kupra & Kups only)

Little Seahorse - Happy Seahorse(peach) by YOKAI

Pose: Undersea 3 by Fashiowl