Don't Look Back

 My wings are in for repair, so today I'm riding the broom!


Have you been to the Wizarding Faire yet?  Well if you have not you should go!  It closes in only a few days and there are some amazing items there for you.  One of the best releases is the Windburrow house by HISA.  I am featuring this in my photo below and hope you are able to check it out before the fair poofs away on the 21st.

Don't Look Back



The Windburrow (House) by HISA @ The Wizarding Faire *NEW*

The Crystal Heart Festival: *NEW*

Charming (Dress & Hat) by Toksik

Aether Boots by Cubic Cherry 

Heart Weapons Gacha Set - Heart Potion {gold} & Heart Potion {rose  gold} by Banana Peel

Eclipse Backpack by AMBIX

Enchantment Event Items: *NEW*

Salem a Witcher's Cats by FNY

Decoration Bottles by Constraint

FLF Birthday Bash Items: *NEW*

Hair: B17FLF(FAT) by Barberyumyum

Candles: Light in the Dark - Blown Out White & Alight Red (these are holdable but I rezzed them) by Random Matter

Everything Else:

Head: Ceylon 3.1 by Lelutka

Skin: Juliet in Chocolate (Velour tone) by Heaux @ Equal10 *NEW*

Spirit Rabbit by Clover @ The Wizarding Faire *NEW*

Pose with Broom: I'm a Witch by K&S