Cindy - Second Life Zenescope Experience

"Hi! My name's Cindy, and I'm not here to kill everyone." 

- Cindy Monroe, The Child of Darkness 

Linden Labs has partnered with Zenescope for a fun-filled adventure experience with prizes, games, a quest, hidden goodies, and licensed merchandise.  Part 1 of the quest has been released.

Zenescope Entertainment is an acclaimed comic book and graphic novel publisher and home to many popular characters, including  Van Helsing, Robyn Hood, and many characters in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe. (My personal favorite!)

My image below is featuring Cindy!  Cindy is the self-proclaimed "Serial Killer Princess!" and is an agent of the Dark One.  She also happens to be the main character we are chasing after on our adventure.  As you can guess she is a Grimm Fairy Tale character based off of Cinderella. The outfit, crown, sign, and mugs are all from the first part of this experience.  The mugs are a free gift found on the adventure and the sign is one of many you receive upon finishing the first part of the Zenescope experience.  The Cindy outfit comes with a clean and bloody version.  Below are some links for you!

 Landing Page 

 Official Blog Post

 Destination Guide 

Flickr Group 

I hope you enjoy part 1 of this event as much as I did.  And check out the amazing comic books too as well as the merchandise created just for Second Life on the event sim.



Zenescope Game: *NEW* Find the goods on the sim and play the game to get the freebies!

Zenescope - Cindy - Clean + Bloody - Female - Legacy (Also Belleza, Signature Alice, and Standard Sizes)

Zenescope - Crown - C3 - Silver

Zenescope  - Holdable Sign - Not Cindy (Event part 1 game prize!)

Zenescope  - Mug - Black & Red (Freebies from the game)

Everything Else:

Head: Erin 3.1 by Lelutka

Skin: Kaya in Honey + BOM addons by Glam Affair @ Collabor88 *NEW*

Hair: Lady by Truth

Pose: Adjusted in Black Dragon