Sugar Kisses

 "Yes I am a girl, yes I play video games, now go make me a sandwich." 

- Unknown

Sugar Kisses



Suup Gacha Set - Suit RARE Holo, Skirt RARE, Garter RARE, Watergun, Board -green & Necklace by Ersch @ The Epiphany *NEW*

Hot Tub Streamer Set - Otter, Wheel, Hot Tub - PG, Light, Divider & ASMR Mic by Krescendo

Everything Else:

Head: Avalon by Lelutka

Twigs Skin in 2.6 by Tres Beau @ Access *NEW*

Sabi Hair by YOMI @ The Warehouse Sale *NEW*

Beach Babe ELF Earrings EvoX by RAWR!

Oceanica Milktea Pops by Petrichor *NEW*

Pose made in Black Dragon

Pastel Tropical Gacha - Skybox RARE, Neonx by Pitaya