Nancy The Tavern Wench

 I know of a tavern not far from here

Where you can get some mighty fine beer

The company's true and the wenches are pretty

It's the greatest damn place in the whole of the city

If you're looking for crewmates, you'll sure find 'em there

Cutthroats and lowlifes and worse I should dare

Ol' Nancy don't care who comes to her inn

It's a den of debauchery violence and sin

So come take a drink and drown your sorrows

And all of our fears will be gone till tomorrow

We'll have no regrets and live for the day

In Nancy's harbor cafe

~ Alestorm, Nancy The Tavern Wench

Nancy The Tavern Wench


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Innkeeper (Dress) by PFC - Pucca Firecaster (Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, Kupra, Hourglass)

Fracture (Scar) by Rekt Royalty

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The Shackles of O by Short Leash

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